• If your move or delivery requires more than one load in the building's freight elevator, it must be scheduled after business hours (6 pm to 7 am). This form, including an approved certificate of insurance, must be on file with the management office 24 hours in advance of access.
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  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Sunset Media Center is a Union building and Kilroy Realty Corporation requires each tenant's service provider to deliver evidence of insurance to the Building Management Office before commencing any work, including before any tenant moves or deliveries.

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  • Dates of Access

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    Vendor/Contractor certifies that it has a plan in place that strictly complies with any and all applicable health and safety guidelines, laws, ordinances, rules and regulations now imposed, or hereafter imposed, by any federal, state or local governmental entity while performing work at the Building. Owner shall not be responsible for reviewing Vendor’s/Contractor’s plan or ensuring Vendor’s/Contractor’s compliance with any such requirements. Vendor/Contractor hereby releases Owner, and its affiliates, from any and all liability resulting from any deficiencies in Vendor’s/Contractor’s compliance plan or business operations at the Building.
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